Extension - 25 cm

Usually necessary for a ramp install in a van with a cargo bay around 2.5 m in length. This extension will allow the motorcycle to slide in a bit further into the van, so that the van doors can be closed.



An image of the 25cm extension accessorie

Extension - 75 cm

This extension is necessary if you wish to use the 2.1 m ramp on a Pickup or a utility vehicle. It's attached quickly and easily (1-2 minutes). With this extension the loading height of the ramp increases to 1100mm when attached to the 2.1 m ramp and to 1300mm when attached to the 2.5 m ramp.



An image of the 75cm extension accessorie

No-drilling attachment

This accessory allows you to install the ramp in a Pickup (or a Van) using 4 ratchet straps and the tie-downs of your Pickup. Another version of this accessory works also for Pickups which have the tie-downs at the top of the cargo area.



An image of the no drilling accessorie

3-wheel adapter

This adapter replaces the normal wheel chock and allows the loading of 3-wheel scooters. It takes about 10-15 minutes to change between the two.



Image of the three wheel adapter accessories

Quad adapter

This accessory is used together with the 3-wheel adapter. The two wheel pads allow the loading of Quad scooters.



Parts of the quad accessorie Parts of the quad accessorie Parts of the quad accessorie