550 kg to a height of 150 cm

Unique loading ramp

Our solution allows you to load your motorcycle of up to 450 kg to a height of up to 150 cm. It puts very little pressure on the tail gate when charging/unloading - most of the weight stays in the cargo area.

The ramp is attached to the cargo area with 4 to 8 standard bolts - the attachment points can be moved along the rails of the ramp which allows to find the best position for drilling through the cargo area. We also have an attachment accessory which allows you to fix the ramp in the cargo area without the need for drilling.

The back of a pick up truck with ramp

Low ground clearance? No problem.

A standard ramp, even a very long one can damage your motorcycle. Our ramp can safely load any motorcycle, even those with only a few cm of ground clearance.

mortorbike being loaded into a pickup

Dual Cab compatibility

Both the 2.1 m and the 2.5 m models can be installed in a Pickup, even a double-cab one. The differences between them:

- With the 2.5 m there will always be a fixed part which will extend past the tailgate. If your Pickup is not double-cab + the open tailgate, this ramp will extend by probably only 10-15 cm.

- With the 2.1m ramp you will have to attach the 75 cm extension because of the loading height of most Pickups, which is approximately 90 cm. There are two advantages and one possible inconvenience with this solution:

The small disadvantage is that you will need to find a place in your Pickup to stow the extension once removed from the ramp.

An image of a ramp with details of features

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