Our ramp - Your trailer

The Power Tilt feature of our ramps lets you use a standard cordless drill to load even the heaviest of bikes, with a ramp weighing only 65 kg and designed with a safety margin of 5:1 in static load. The 6061 T6 aluminium alloy is one of the most corrosion resistant hardened aluminium alloys, and yet it is anodized as well, which further enhances its corrosion resistance. All steel components are zinc plated, and then powder coated.

If you wish to use our ramp on a side loading trailer, we recommend the 2.1 m length. Even if your motorcycle is a bit longer than 2.1 m, what's important is that the rear wheel can fit on the ramp. The maximum wheel base for the 2.1 m ramp is about 1600 mm, which is sufficient for the vast majority of scooters and motorcycles.

An image of a ramp with details of features

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