Effortless loading

Our ramps can be installed also in medium sized vans with a cargo bay length of around 240 - 250 cm. Our 2.1 m ramp can be used with the 25 cm extension which allows for the motorcycle to slide a bit further into the van in order to be able to close the doors of the van (without this extension, the rear fender of the motorcycle might extend beyond the doors).

The 2.1 m ramp automatically adapts to different loading heights - up to 70 cm.‚Äč

The ramp is easily installed with only 4-8 standard bolts. In the case of van installs, we also recommend to use a few large washers underneath the cargo area to reinforce the thin metal sheet usually found in vans.

Load your motorcycle even on a utility vehicle

With the 2.1 m ramp plus the 75 cm extension, the loading height extends up to 110 cm. This allows you to load your motorcycle on a utility vehicle, even in a side loading position. Once the motorcycle is loaded you can detach the extension which only takes a few seconds.

With the 2.5 ramp and the 75 cm extension, the loading height extends up to 150 cm. This is enough even for loading your motorcycle onto a truck.

An image of the ramps being used on the back of a flat back truck
An image of a ramp with details of features

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